Ankle Sprain Physio Treatment Reduces Re-Injury Risk

Sprained Ankle Physio Treatment

Get Assessed, Regardless Of The Perceived Injury Severity

The importance of correct management of an ankle sprain is highlighted by the fact, that statistically a high percentage of people who sprain their ankle may still have issues with their ankle as far down the track as a couple of years later. Receiving ankle sprain physio treatment following an ankle sprain is a logical way to try and avoid any such persistent and frustrating issues. When you twist your ankle there is a strong correlation between an inability to weight bear and the severity of injury. However regardless of the perceived severity, early assessment and management from an ankle sprain physio can help prevent any ongoing niggles. As an ankle sprain physio, it is not uncommon to see patients who previously suffered either singular, or multiple episodes of what they wrote off as simply “minor” sprains. It is often these individuals who are prone to experiencing ongoing symptoms and come to see you because things are not improving, sometimes months after the initial trauma.

Yes, They Are Often Boring, But Stick With Your Ankle Sprain Physio Rehab Exercises

Patients suffering severe ankle sprains frequently seek out professional advice. Everyone is different, but often we find the more significant an individual perceives their injury to be, the more likely they are to adhere conscientiously to the rehabilitation plan that their ankle sprain physio prescribes. So, often these so called “bad” sprains progress quickly because of a strong commitment to the rehabilitation process. Conversely, the perception that an injury is insignificant, due to timely restoration of pain levels and function, can often see patients forgoing any ankle sprain management program after just a couple of days, or even completely. Sadly, sometimes these can be the very individuals left ruing their decision to take their injury so lightly.

Ankle sprains are a common beast, and if you yourself reading this have not had one, then I would be willing to bet you know several people who have. The frequency of ankle sprains occurring can mean many people take them lightly. Often demonstrated by the fact that, if you can still walk afterwards, someone will probably say to you, “you’ll be right, you’re walking on it aren’t you? So it can’t be that bad…”. Hopefully, they are right, but the point here is that regardless of your belief, or your friends opinion regarding severity, it is always wise to have your injury assessed, and this is best done, sooner rather than later. Never feel embarrassed about going to see an ankle sprain physio just because you can walk OK, or “it isn’t that sore”.

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