Why Move With Us?

We want to provide patient-centred care.  That sounds a bit fluffy, so what does it actually mean?

  • Research supports that the best Randwick physio and podiatry care often entails education and active patient involvement. 
  • We want to provide the best care possible in our local community – the kind of care we would want for our own friends and family. 
  • Injuries can be private and personal, and we want to create an inclusive, warm and caring environment, without sacrificing the required privacy or quality that many conditions frequently require. 
  • Healthcare should be efficient and affordable.  We hate the up-sell that is sometimes associated with healthcare, so our aim is to tailor patient management in a way that best fits the individual’s needs, while still providing expert level care. 
  • Early treatment is the best treatment.  We don’t want our patients waiting days or weeks to be seen, so our aim is to always be able to provide timely care. 

Efficient, Effective & Accurate Service


At The Movement Centre we pride ourselves on providing a personalized service that gets you back to what you love as efficiently as possible.


Randwick Family Movement Centre

We opened in Randwick so we could work near where we live, and treat the people of our local community.

  • We love this area, and the active lifestyle it creates: being wedged between the beaches, the park, and close to the city.
  • •We treat people of all ages – from kids with sports injuries and growing pains, right through to elderly patients with strength and balance training.
  • COVID has shown us the beauty of work-from-home, and the benefits of not being in the city every-day, so we wanted to make the most of the change – and branch from our city physio and podiatry clinics back to our home community.

The best project you’ll
ever work on is you.


Ultimate Centre Experience

Don’t just feel like a champion.
Be a champion.
  • We are one of the Top-3 rated physios and podiatrists in the whole of Sydney.
  • We want to bring our expertise from our city based physio and podiatry clinics to our local community.
  • We are excited to now have a larger space, and to be able to offer one of the best physio rehab and podiatry assessment spaces in Sydney.

Our Randwick physio and podiatry healthcare team are here to help you to move the correct way, to move pain free and to move for a lifetime.

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