Looking For The Best Podiatrist in Randwick?

The Best Podiatrist in Randwick

What Makes The Best Podiatrist In Randwick

Randwick’s newest health clinic, The Movement Centre, is home to some of Sydney’s best podiatrists. So, we wondered, what makes the best podiatrist in Randwick in the eyes of their patients? We feel it isn’t enough that The Movement Centre in Randwick has two “Three Best Rated” Podiatrists in Sydney according to an online independent review website, so we went out to find out what podiatry patients in Sydney’s East really want.

Active Listening and Empathy Is Paramount

There is nothing worse than going to a health or medical consultation and having the physician hide behind their computer screen, while you helplessly bare all hoping that the practitioner is listening. The Podiatrists at The Movement Centre in Randwick have a collaborative approach as they take the time to listen to your story and ask questions relating to your condition. They will never hide behind a computer screen and always take the time to make a genuine connection with you. Most of these podiatrists have been in your shoes, having experienced a vast array of foot and leg injuries and illnesses and so they can empathise with what you are telling them.

The Best Podiatrist In Randwick Values Effective Communication

The best podiatrists are those that communicate well with their patients and give clear instructions on what the next steps in their treatment plan are. The podiatrists at the Movement Centre in Sydney’s East use their best communication skills to explain their diagnosis, the options for treatment and then work with their patients to design a treatment plan that is transparent and easy to understand.

In Podiatry Trust Is Vital

One central trait the best podiatrist in Randwick must value is trust. As the podiatrists at The Movement Centre are active listeners, they empathise and are not judgemental, their patients feel at ease and eager to share the history of their foot or leg condition. Some of their stories may embarrass them, but there is nothing that could make the best podiatrist in Randwick blush as they have simply seen and heard it all… and we mean all! The best podiatrists (like those at The Movement Centre in Randwick) will make a real connection with their patients and earn their trust so that they feel comfortable talking about themselves.

The Best Podiatrist In Randwick Doesn’t Rush

Sydney’s best podiatrists will take their time in collecting a thorough history, then assessing, diagnosing and communicating their findings with the patient. They would not make their patients feel rushed out of a consultation. The best podiatrist in Randwick would use this information as well as their substantial experience to formulate a treatment plan in collaboration with the patient. This is why at The Movement Centre, the podiatrists provide enough time in their consultations to really understand what you are going through and get to the root of your problems.

The Birth Of The Movement Centre

The origin of The Movement Centre in Randwick is key to why they house some of Sydney’s best Podiatrists and Physiotherapists. The concept of the clinic came about at the pub (of course!), as the team were discussing the lack of community-based health clinics that were able to service families, community sports teams, elderly and those wanting a more preventative or natural approach to treatment. Our ‘ideal clinic’ was drawn up on the back of drinks coasters, just as an imaginative dream until the dream location was found. The team was formed by colleagues that had similar interests and were well-respected in their industries of Podiatry and Physiotherapy. The Movement Centre wanted only to have the best Podiatrist in Randwick and Physiotherapists, to provide the care to their patients. So if you are deciding which Podiatrist to choose in Sydney’s East, you need look no further than The Movement Centre in Randwick.

Disclaimer: The Movement Centre provides this information as an educational service. The information contained on this website and in this blog is not intended to serve as or replace actual medical advice. Anyone seeking specific advice or assistance should consult their local Randwick Physio, general practitioner, medical specialist, or otherwise appropriately skilled practitioner.