ACL Rupture Physio Rehab Programs

ACL Rupture Physio Rehab Programs

Reducing Risk: The Key For An ACL Rupture Physio

It is estimated that around 70% of ACL sprains occur through non-contact mechanisms. Leaving only 30% resulting from direct contact with another object or person. Therefore, mechanism of injury for an ACL sprain is often associated with a deceleration, coupled with an awkward landing, cutting, pivoting or sidestepping maneuver, more so than actual physical contact with something or someone else. ACL rupture Physio treatment must take this into account, and although following injury an individual may not be returning to contact sports, this does not necessarily indicate a quicker turnaround to return to play.

Any return to play regardless of the sport should resume only following a successful ACL rupture Physio treatment regimen. Where the focus has been on restoration, or improvement of balance, postural control, neuromuscular control, strength, and endurance. This enables the individual to maintain ideal biomechanics and motion throughout exercise. If return to sport precedes any of the above, then the individual is most likely placing themselves at a higher risk of re-injury.

Accelerated ACL Rupture Physio Rehab Programs

Improvements in surgical techniques and stronger graft fixation have enabled an accelerated ACL rupture physio rehab program to develop. Accelerated programs allow quicker return to pre-injury activity levels. However, remembering as mentioned above, if you haven’t done the hard work prior to returning to play, whatever the sport, you need to accept that you are a carrying with this a higher risk of re-injury. Simply waiting out your post-surgical time frame, as outlined by your surgeon, and then returning to sport when the “time is up”, is neither sufficient or a responsible approach to rehab. “Doing your time” by waiting the suggested 9-12 months after your operation, before getting back into things, does not rehabilitate your knee in a way that gives you your best chance of avoiding re-injury. Sadly, time alone is not enough, strong adherence to ACL rupture Physio exercises is paramount for a successful return to play.

Research Proven Rehab Programs

Over the years a lot of hard work and research has been invested into structuring rehab programs, with the goal of overall improvement, and reducing re-injury rates. A couple of well-regarded programs that have been proven to significantly reduce re-injury rates include and the With regard to the FIFA 11+ program, this ACL rupture Physio program should be performed once given the okay signal from your surgeon, beginning at around the six-month mark post-surgery. This program is then carried out for around three months, coinciding with the timely goal of a return to play at nine months post op.

Psychological Not Just The Physical Impact Return To Play

It is reported that only 31% of ACL reconstruction patients return to their pre-injury level of competition by the 12-month mark. Psychological factors are very strong predictors of return to play, and a patient’s view of their ability to return to play is interestingly a strong predictor of them actually returning to pre-injury levels, within normal rehab time frames. Adherence to either of the above ACL Physio rehab programs, will ideally set the patient up in good stead both physically and psychologically to return to pre-injury levels within the year post operation. At The Movement Centre, our Randwick Physio team have both the space, and know how to effectively guide you through your ACL rehab Physio program, whatever your activity needs may be.

Disclaimer: The Movement Centre provides this information as an educational service. The information contained on this website and in this blog is not intended to serve as or replace actual medical advice. Anyone seeking specific advice or assistance should consult their local Randwick Physio, general practitioner, medical specialist, or otherwise appropriately skilled practitioner.