The Best Treatment, Is Early Sprained Ankle Physio Treatment

The Best Treatment, Is Early Sprained Ankle Physio Treatment

No Two Ankle Sprains Are The Same

Creating the ideal environment for your body’s biology to start the healing process, is crucial when looking to achieve the very best outcome from any injury.  A sprained ankle Physio is well placed to advise on both the immediate, and long term management of ankle injuries.  Following an ankle sprain, the sooner you see your local Randwick physio the better.

Depending on severity, a twisted ankle may respond better to a range of therapeutic approaches, from continuing normal unsupported loading, through to protection of further injury by appropriate support and rest.  Sometimes the injury may necessitate referral on-wards for imaging or orthopaedic assessment.  No two ankle sprains are the same, individual factors including the nature and severity of injury, coupled with specific lifestyle demands means a tailored approach to treatment is always best. Your sprained ankle Physio can help you come up with the best plan to get you back up and running. 

Sprained Ankle Physio Exercises Reduce Re-Injury Risk

Supervised exercise programs have been shown to reduce re-injury rates with ankle sprains by 50%.  Sounds good right, but what’s the catch?  Well… these sprained ankle Physio rehab programs need to be carried out for at least 6-10 weeks to have the desired results.  Obviously, many people will return to playing sport following a mild to moderate ankle sprain, well before this 6-10 week mark.  Often, returning to play with-in just a few weeks post injury, and typically once a successful return to play is achieved, people stop doing their rehab exercises. 

What this suggests is, that just because you’re back playing, doesn’t mean your ankle won’t benefit from continued rehab.  If wanting to reduce the likelihood of any ongoing problems, or repeat episodes,  it is best to continue any exercise program that little bit longer.

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