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Chronic ankle pain – when acute ankle sprains don’t resolve

Chronic ankle pain - when acute ankle sprains don't resolve

Chronic ankle pain is frequently multifactorial An acute lateral ankle sprain is the quintessential injury that presents for physio at our Randwick practice the Movement Centre. Most of us have experienced it. Rolling the ankle outward, the foot rolling under us into an inverted position. There is usually acute pain and swelling on the outer […]

Peroneal Tendinopathy

Peroneal Tendinopathy

Peroneal tendinopathy and shin pain After spending last week at the snow and waking up this week with very tender shins, it spurred a thought to write a blog on the painful symptoms people experience on the outside of their shinbones. More specifically, I’ll be discussing peroneal tendinopathy and the best way to manage them! […]