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Achilles Tendon Surgical Repair

achilles tendon surgical repair

Surgical management post-achilles rupture In the last blog we discussed achilles ruptures and conservative management. As mentioned in the last post, we have seen an up-tick in achilles ruptures presenting to us lately. We suspect this is linked to a return to team sport and explosive loading of the achilles post covid. Running, jogging and […]

Sever’s Disease In Children

Sever's Disease In Children

Sever’s disease a painful heel Has your child ever complained of having heel pain? Chances are it was most likely Sever’s Disease! Sever’s is the most common form of heel pain in children/ young adolescents and often causes limping both during and after sporting activities. It can be very frustrating for kids and parents as […]

Calf Strength – Why Is It So Important?

Calf Strength - Why Is It So Important?

Have you been prescribed calf exercises by your podiatrist or physiotherapist and not sure why? Our calf muscles play an important role in walking, running and everyday life, and some targeted exercises to increase calf strength can often yield many benefits! The calves are made of two muscles, the gastrocnemius and soleus. These muscles allow […]