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Rotator Cuff Physio Rehabilitation

Rotator Cuff Physio Rehab for shoulder pain

The fundamentals of rotator cuff physio rehab In a previous blog post we have outlined the anatomy and mechanics of the rotator cuff. We also discussed the ways these muscles can be overloaded and injured. Forming a clear understanding of the muscles and tendons at play is important so we can adequately address the problem. […]

Shoulder Bursitis, A Shoulder Physio Approach

Shoulder Bursitis, A Shoulder Physio Approach

Impingement as a cause of shoulder pain Pain in the shoulder can arise from many different structures within and around the shoulder, and the neck. A common source of shoulder pain are the many bursa that exist around the joint. This can lead to conditions like shoulder bursitis and sub-acromial impingement. These conditions are particularly […]