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ACL Rehab Physio Exercises

Prehab Physio

ACL Rehab Physio Treatment After Surgery Physiotherapy treatment is an integral part of any successful ACL surgical outcome. Ultimately much of the success of knee surgery relies heavily on the patient’s dedication to any of the prescribed ACL rehab Physio exercises and the physiotherapist prescribing them. Orthopaedic surgeons will typically have their own rehabilitation protocols […]

Surgery With A Side Of ACL Physio Rehab Please

Surgery With A Side Of ACL Physio Rehab Please

To Cut, Or Not To Cut? That Is The Question An ACL reconstruction is an elective surgery, and the decision to have ACL reconstructive surgery and carry out the associated post surgical ACL physio rehab program is not always a straight forward one. Without surgery there is often a spectrum of outcomes ranging from individuals […]