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A Pelvic Girdle Pain Physio Approach

pelvic girdle pain physio

Pregnancy Related Pelvic Girdle Pain Is Very Common Pelvic girdle pain is a specific form of low back pain. It is a form of trunk pain that can occur both in conjunction with or separately to lower back pain. Pelvic girdle pain is more common in women, especially common during pregnancy or in the postnatal […]

What Is The Mckenzie Physio Method?

What Is The Mckenzie Physio Method?

The Mckenzie Physio Method McKenzie physio method, also referred to as Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, or MDT in short was originally launched by the late great New Zealand physiotherapist Robin McKenzie. The McKenzie Physio system encompasses assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of both peripheral and spinal complaints. Mechanical diagnosis and therapy was developed in the late […]