Biceps Tendon Pain Treatment

Biceps Tendon Pain Treatment

Biceps Tendon Pain At The Elbow Generally A Clinical Diagnosis

Generally, a diagnosis of biceps tendon pain is a clinical one and can be made by your physiotherapist following a thorough history and physical examination of the area. However, should the diagnosis be in doubt, or assistance assessing the severity of change within the tendon is required then the use medical imaging such as an ultrasound, MRI can be beneficial.

Biceps Tendon Pain Prognosis

Most patients with biceps tendon pain at the elbow given time will find their symptoms settle. Conservative treatment such as physiotherapy can assist in returning individuals to full function often within just weeks following the original onset of symptoms. Occasionally full recovery can take longer, not dissimilar to other stubborn tendon complaints, return to full function may take significantly longer in the realm of months. Early physiotherapy assessment and treatment plays a vital role in accelerating recovery, aiding a return to full function within weeks, rather than months.

Distal Biceps Tendinopathy Unloading And Loading

For most individuals suffering with biceps tendinopathy at the elbow the first line of treatment is rest and activity modification. Rest is crucial, limiting activities that cause an aggravation of symptoms allows for unloading of irritated/injured tissue, allowing the body to begin the healing process, whilst avoiding any further stress to the tissue. Success of any tendinopathy treatment is often dictated by patient compliance, compliance to unloading and adherence to graduated reloading of the tissue as appropriately guided by their physiotherapist. Your physiotherapist will likely guide you through a graduated loading program for the biceps. Often involving eccentric loading exercises, this form of tissue loading has a well-documented history of use in the rehabilitation of many tendinopathies, patella, Achilles as well as distal biceps tendon pain. Pushing through and ignoring symptoms, adopting a ‘no pain, no gain’ attitude may potentially increase the likelihood of developing a chronic tendon condition where healing may halt, recovery times “blow out” and likelihood of future recurrence may also increase.

Passive Treatment Options For Distal Biceps Tendon Pain

At the Movement Centre we appreciate as much as working out the triggers for pain and appropriately managing the loading on the injured tendon is crucial, we also understand that sometimes tendons need a little extra help to get back on track. Which is why we have the option of using shockwave therapy, which is a powerful, research proven approach to tendon management. We also regularly use manual therapy, dry needling, and other passive approaches to assist in promoting healing and pain management. If standard conservative treatment options fail to resolve the elbow pain then we are skilled at knowing the appropriate time when to consider other approaches. Including the use of:
  • Pharmaceutical intervention
  • Platelet rich plasma (PRP)
  • Corticosteroid injections
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