What Can Podiatrists Do For Your Achilles Tendinitis?

What Can Podiatrists Do For Your Achilles Tendinitis?

Do you have pain in your achilles?

Achilles tendon pain is one of the most common complaints we see as a podiatrist, accounting for between 5-12% of foot and ankle injuries. Whether you’re a runner, athlete or an everyday fitness enthusiast, Achilles injuries are widely known and definitely something you want to avoid. Achilles tendinitis refers to inflammation and degeneration of the achilles tendon and is mostly caused by overuse or overloading during exercise. Other common causes we observe as podiatrists include:

  • Change in type of activity (ie. running up hills)
  • Tight calf muscles
  • Poor footwear or change in footwear
  • High arch and flat foot types
  • Over-pronation (rolling in of the foot arch or heel bones that slant inwards)
  • Poor ankle range of motion

What are the symptoms of achilles tendinitis?

  • Pain and tenderness in the achilles tendon (between the lower calf and back of the heel)
  • Usually worse in the morning or after long periods of rest
  • A tight or stiff feeling in the tendon
  • Sore after strenuous exercise
  • Swelling and heat around the tender tendon location

What can a Podiatrist do about achilles tendinitis?

As podiatrists, we have plenty of tools to help treat your achilles tendonitis and get you pain free as quickly as possible. These include:

  • RICE method – Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation
  • Heel lifts – a short term solution that aids in offloading the tendon
  • Exercise therapy – strength and stretching exercises to address tightness & strength deficits, and to improve the resilience of the tendon.
  • Shoe modifications – appropriate footwear will aid in the support and stability of the foot, decreasing unnecessary load through the achilles tendon.
  • Orthotic therapy – to aid in improving biomechanics and address the way in which you load your achilles tendon.

If you think you have achilles tendinitis, it is important to visit a podiatrist and have them assess and diagnose your pain appropriately. We are experts at managing foot and ankle pain, so make sure you call The Movement Centre to book your appointment.

Disclaimer: The Movement Centre provides this information as an educational service. The information contained on this website and in this blog is not intended to serve as or replace actual medical advice. Anyone seeking specific advice or assistance should consult their local Randwick Physio, general practitioner, medical specialist, or otherwise appropriately skilled practitioner.