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Exercise Therapy

Rehab Physio With Exercise At The Movement Centre

The use of therapeutically prescribed exercise therapy in rehab Physio programs for conditions such as osteoarthritis, back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain and osteoporosis has a considerable body of supporting research.

Exercise therapy is a broad category ranging from the prescription of exercises designed to help rehabilitate injuries, manage pain, or mobility issues. Where the goal may shift from simply improving physical fitness or increasing strength, to improving flexibility, optimizing muscular functioning and even improving general overall health and well-being.

Rehab Physio Randwick Your Local Movement Therapy Provider

A physiotherapists is a well placed medical professional to prescribe exercise therapy to their clients. As a rehab physio Randwick, we are trained in the rehabilitation principles, understand how pain works and the role exercise and movement play in tissue repair. At The Movement Centre our core stability rehab Physio Randwick team use exercise therapy for rehabilitation and injury prevention. Exercise can be effectively used to address faulty movement patterns. Patterns that may be the cause or result of an injury. Exercise therapy can be structured to use specific targeted movements with the intention of improving the way your body functions. We can work with you, tailoring a program specific to your needs, as we strongly believe exercise therapy is the most effectual way to decrease pain and improve health.

Movement Is A Part Of Every Session

It isn’t just athletes who require the prescription of exercise as a part of their treatment program. Exercise plays a vital role in the management of all musculoskeletal conditions. At The Movement Centre exercise therapy physio in some way, shape or form makes up a part of every session, regardless the your complaint, after all we didn’t call ourselves The Movement Centre for nothing.

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