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Strength and Conditioning Physio

At Movement Physio in Randwick, we pride ourselves on returning our patients to the activities that they love.  This often requires some element of strength and conditioning physio exercises.

Strength and conditioning conjures up visions of sweaty, dark and dirty gyms.  This is a misconception.  Strength and conditioning is one of the most important aspects of any rehabilitation program.  And at The Movement Centre we take our strength and conditioning physio seriously.

Why Do Physios Make Me Exercise?

Improving strength can be hugely beneficial to recovery.  It can prevent further injury, correct imbalances and weaknesses, or can be used as cross-training while injured areas recover. 

Conditioning refers to developing the appropriate fitness for the activities we do.  This can refer to all aspects of fitness: cardiovascular, strength and mobility work, to ensure our bodies can safely perform the tasks we require of them.

It’s difficult to find the balance between giving our patients enough exercise to get better, but not so much that it seems daunting.  We understand that the best exercises for our patients are the ones that they are confident to do.

Why Strength And Conditioning Physio In Randwick?

Because we take our strength and conditioning seriously, we have invested time, energy, money and space into creating the perfect environment for our patients.  We have a mission to provide our patients with the best possible equipment, and we aim to continually improve what we offer. 

Our team of physios and podiatrists work within a large gym space with kettlebells, dumbbells, treadmills and weight-racks. When you join us for strength and conditioning physio in Randwick, you won’t be limited to a theraband tied to a door-handle.

We practice what we preach.  We are serious about health and fitness, and we think you should be too…. But we promise to also make it fun!

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We have a HICAPS terminal for fast on the spot processing of private health insurance claims. Our appointments are not covered by medicare, however if you have a Chronic Disease Management Plan from your doctor then we can process your medicare rebate in the practice following payment of the relevant appointment fee.

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