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Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain Physio Treatment At The Movement Centre

Low back pain can be debilitating. It can impact your work, your hobbies, your social life.  At The Movement Centre in Randwick as low back pain physio team we aim to clearly identify the cause of your low back pain (LBP), explain the contributing factors to you, and give you strategies to immediately manage your pain and commence the recovery process.

Causes Of Back Pain Needing Physio Services

Back pain in the lumbar spine can arise from injury or more commonly irritation to structures in the low back.  However – and importantly – back pain is often precipitated, perpetuated, and amplified by other factors such as stress, sleep, illness, and other co-morbidities. For a successful and lasting recovery it is important for LBP physio treatment to provide you with an understanding of the structures and movements involved, as well as the potential contributing factors.Our physios understand this, and we have extensive experience in assessing and diagnosing low back pain, and we pride ourselves on staying up to date with the latest research for LBP physio management.  When you see us for low back pain physio in Randwick at The Movement Centre, we have private consulting rooms so we can get to the bottom of your lumbar spine pain and its causes, privately; and we have an extensive rehabilitation gym so we can return you to the exercises and movements that you love.

Tailoring Low Back Pain Physio Treatment To Your Needs 

Each individual’s low back pain will have different contributing structures and factors, so each person’s treatment and recovery is tailored to their individual needs.  We know that not everyone wants or needs a complex strengthening program, ongoing yoga or pilates classes; and importantly we know that this isn’t always essential for recovery from low back pain.

Come and see us at the Movement Centre in Randwick  for your low back pain physio needs, and we will help you get to the bottom of your pain, with individualised advice and treatment to get back to the activities that you love.

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