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Knee Pain

Knee Pain Physio Treatment At The Movement Centre

Knee pain is among one of the most common complaints treated by physios. The onset of pain can be as a result of traumatic incidents, sporting injuries and overuse.  Not all knee pain is related to physical exercise, many knee complaints can simply be lifestyle related and/or have a degenerative component to them.   At The Movement Centre our knee pain Physio team are experienced in post surgical knee rehabilitation and regularly treat patients working in close consultation with orthopedic surgeons, guiding patients through their rehabilitation protocols and assisting them in getting back to their best. 

Common Causes Of Knee Symptoms

Knee pain resulting from a traumatic incident sporting or otherwise may include injuries such as:

  Knee pain resulting from lifestyle or overuse may include developing: 

  Knee pain resulting from degenerative conditions or requiring surgical procedures may include: 


A Knee Pain Physio Is Skilled At Assessing And Treating The Causes Of Knee Pain.

Several mechanisms rate as potential triggers for knee pain.  Ranging from direct impact, to the application of forces greater than the knee can structurally withstand, repetitive loading of the knee without sufficient time for the body to recover between loading sessions, degenerative conditions, as well as structural and biomechanical abnormalities. As a knee pain Physio our Movement Centre practitioners are qualified to assess both acute and chronic knee pain.  Our goal is to provide expert level management, advice, and treatment for the immediate care of any knee pain.  Our physiotherapists are also qualified to provide the necessary ongoing treatment as  indicated including the prescription of personalised and targeted rehabilitation programs to assist in promoting strength, flexibility and improved postural control and biomechanics as appropriate.

Early Assessment Increases Your Chances Of Making A full Recovery

Movement Centre practitioners are experienced in delivering knee pain Physio.  As a practice we are both dedicated and focused on the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and ultimately the prevention of future injury of our patients.  No matter how you acquired your knee pain or what your level of activity is, rest assured you will have professional and personalised care to help you safely return to your absolute best.  Prompt attention from a knee pain Physio increases the chances of a full recovery regardless of the condition.  Book an appointment to have your knee assessed by one of our friendly team today. 

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