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CTP Physio

CTP physio (compulsory third party physio) refers to physiotherapy services provided following motor-vehicle accident (MVA), and covered under insurance.

At Movement Physio, we are happy to see CTP physio patients.  All of our physios are approved to provide treatment under the CTP insurance scheme.  We have extensive experience in CTP claims, pain management and rehab post-MVA.

The Role Of A CTP Physio

If you are injured in a motor-vehicle accident, your GP may refer you for physio to help with your recovery.  Our role in compulsory third party physio in Randwick at the Movement Centre is to help our patients recover from pain and injury, return to activities, work and their pre-injury life.  We are experienced in the administration, paperwork and systems of the whole claims process.  The recovery process is often a team effort, and we are happy to communicate with your doctor, other specialists or claims team to help with your care.

Why See Us For Compulsory Third Party Physio In Randwick?

We have extensive experience in CTP physio, pain and injury management.  We have fully enclosed treatment rooms to ensure your privacy. We also have a spacious and well-equipped rehab gym so we can progress you towards meaningful exercise and a return to your usual active life.  

Randwick – We Are Here To Help You

The whole CTP process can be daunting.  MVAs are often the most physically and emotionally traumatic experiences we can experience.  This can result in persistent pain, stress, frustration, and ongoing physical issues.  We want to help anyone in our local community going through this process, providing thorough, experienced and compassionate care. 

Call us, or come in and speak to us to find out how we can help with any and all of the Randwick compulsory third party physio needs.

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