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Neck Pain

There’s a reason we describe annoying people and events as a “pain in the neck”.  Neck pain is one of the leading causes of disability in Australian adults, and comprises a significant portion of what we see at Movement Physio.  Neck pain usually involves discomfort arising from the muscles,  joints and nerves of the cervical spine.  The pain can be localised, or can refer in the head, upper back, or arms.

Neck Pain Causes

There is a wide variety of reasons why people seek out neck pain physio in Randwick.  Pain in the neck can arise from acute injuries or irritations, such as awkward landing in contact sports, or falls from surfboards and bikes.  Although our community is incredibly active, the majority of Randwick neck pain sufferers experience neck stiffness and soreness from prolonged postures with work, texting and driving.

Cervical Spine Physio Assessment

Any assessment for neck pain will involve a thorough subjective and objective assessment.  We need to determine the movements that aggravate and alleviate your pain, and the movements that are restricted.  This can be a result of a joint or joints that are reluctant to move, sensitive nerve tissue, or overactive muscles that are protecting an area from irritating movement.  There are many other causes, and often there is overlap and multiple structures are at play – which can be frustrating and confusing.

What You Can Expect In Your Cervical Spine Physio Treatment Session

Following your assessment, we will explain to you the cause of your symptoms, and outline an action plan for your recovery.  Depending on the causes and symptoms, treatment will vary.  There will often be some form of manual therapy, including massage, join mobilisations and assisted stretching.  This type of treatment can be important to help you recommence movement that is otherwise too restricted or painful.  Ultimately, through education and some manual therapy, the aim of most cervical spine physio treatment is to encourage the patient to restore active movement.  

Our aim for all of our Randwick neck pain physio patients is to give you the answers you need, and return you to the movements and activities you love.


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