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Swift Wart Treatment

Swift Wart Treatment At The Movement Centre

Plantar warts can be a source of pain and embarrassment and often require time-consuming treatments that span months to years. Plantar warts are viral growths that can appear anywhere on the sole of the foot. The pressure caused by walking on these warts stimulates hard skin to form over the top of them, creating a physical barrier against treatment. The use of Swift wart treatment has been a revelation in the podiatry world.

What are the treatment options for Plantar Warts?

Over the course of history many different treatments have been used on plantar warts. The treatments that have stood the test of time, however, are acids, cryotherapy, occlusion therapy and surgery. Now, enter Swift Wart Treatment for plantar warts.

What is Swift Therapy?

Swift allows your podiatrist to apply a localised application of microwaves through the skin surface to a depth of 2-3mm. This causes water molecules within the plantar wart to vibrate and cause friction. This stimulates an immune response, where the body recognises the plantar warts and begins to clear them up.

Why is Swift Therapy a preferred treatment?

Swift Wart Treatment is a game-changer for the treatment of plantar warts as the treatment is short and requires no downtime, meaning you can return to sports or high heels straight after treatment. The plantar warts being treated do not need to have the overlying skin cut back, meaning less chance of infection and scarring.

Benefits of Swift treatment

  • Short in-clinic treatments, 1 month apart
  • Resolution usually occurs after 2-3 treatments
  • No down-time so you can return to doing what you love, pain-free
  • No dressings are required
  • Reduced risk of scarring
  • No smoke or burning
  • Success rate of 75.9% for stubborn, long-lasting plantar warts

If you are interested in SWIFT therapy for your plantar warts, Book Here to see one of our experienced podiatrists today.

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