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Orthotics At The Movement Centre

Orthotics are custom made or custom fitted inserts that are made and fit into your shoes. They are used to treat a wide range of biomechanical problems and foot pains ranging from Plantar Fasciitis and Mortons Neuroma to Lower back and Knee pain.

How Orthotics Work

Orthotics work by changing the foot-ground interface. They directly affect the alignment of the feet and legs, change the pressure distribution in the feet and improve foot function and lower limb biomechanics.

A biomechanical assessment is always performed to assess your suitability for orthotics. If after this assessment orthotics are deemed necessary, then they will always be prescribed and used with a strength and rehabilitation plan that is individually made by your Podiatrist to address your specific goals. When prescribing the perfect custom fitted inserts for you we ensure that we support and encourage the natural movement of the foot. This allows for the muscles of the foot and ankle to work alongside the orthotic but ensures the orthotic does not substitute the work of the muscles of the feet and legs. Ultimately, this encourages the foot and leg muscles to grow stronger and prevents long term weakness or injury.

Premium Orthotic Materials For Durability And Comfort

Our Podiatrists have extensive post graduate training in the prescription and use of orthotics as a treatment and are experts in knowing when to use or not to use orthotics as a treatment. When they are going to be of benefit, we utilise state of the art, precision 3D foot scanning to produce the most accurate and effective device made from premium, long lasting materials to maximise efficiency and comfort.

Versatile Orthotics For Any Shoe

We know and understand the frustration that many Sydneysiders have had when being issued rigid, thick, bulky and uncomfortable custom fitted inserts that don’t fit into their favourite shoes. We pride ourself on our ability to design and produce slim, low profile, comfortable and effective inserts that fit seamlessly into dress shoes, casual shoes and sports shoes.

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We have a HICAPS terminal for fast on the spot processing of private health insurance claims. Our appointments are not covered by medicare, however if you have a Chronic Disease Management Plan from your doctor then we can process your medicare rebate in the practice following payment of the relevant appointment fee.

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