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Foot & Leg Assessments

Foot and Leg Assessments At The Movement Centre

Foot and leg assessments, otherwise known as Biomechanical Assessments, help us as podiatrists to understand why you may be experiencing pain or not functioning at your best. These foot and leg assessments look at your mechanics from the foot up and identify how your foot function is affecting the rest of your body. Similarly, they identify how problems higher up (eg. at the pelvis), are impacting on your foot or leg pain.

What happens during podiatry biomechanical assessments?

At a foot and leg assessment consultation, you will be guided through a host of questions relating to your medical, sporting and occupational history. You may be asked questions about your growth and development as a child and if you’ve had any prior orthopaedic, neurological or vascular surgery.We will also want to know your intention or aim for being assessed (although truth be told you don’t need a reason!).

Then, we get down to business.
We will begin by looking at you statically and whilst performing some dynamic movements. We are specifically looking at your foot, ankle, leg, knee and pelvis position, as well as strength, flexibility and coordination. Your podiatrist will note any red flags that may cause you problems now or in the future. Don’t worry, these assessments are all simple enough and you will be able to follow your podiatrist’s lead. We will then get you onto the treadmill to waddle, walk or run and note any further problem areas, so that we can overcome these in our treatment plan.

Why perform podiatry a biomechanical Assessment?

The aim of a foot and leg assessment is to keep you being able to do the things that you love most. Whether this is bush walking or sky diving, we want to keep you MOVING. Once we have assessed you properly, we can identify areas where you may need help in terms of strength, flexibility, joint mobility or coordination.
If you are already experiencing pain, it means that we can identify some of the factors that are contributing to your injury. This will help us to tailor your treatment plan and get you healed as quickly as possible.
If you are curious about your Foot and Leg health, or if you have a foot or leg injury, don’t wait to book in with one of our expert level podiatrists. Book online or call us on (02) 9067 7100.

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