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Of all the different aches and pains we see in Randwick, upper back pain (thoracic spine pain) is one of the most common and misunderstood. Mid back pain requiring the skills of an upper back pain physio can be a frustrating condition.

Pain Between The Shoulder Blades!? Help!

Having worked in Sydney CBD over many years, our team are familiar with any and all of the Randwick Upper Back pain physio questions that you can throw at us.  Although there are many different types and causes, we often see patients complaining of a pain comes on at the inside border of the shoulder blade.  This pain is often brought on by, or exacerbated by prolonged sitting postures at work.  The pain generally starts off quite mild, and often the patient can’t quite remember when it first began.  Over time it can worsen, turning into a radiating, pulsing or stabbing pain that would’ve made Caesar blush.

What Are Some Of The Causes Requiring Thoracic Spine Treatment?

Upper back pain can result from a variety of causes.  Often the pain we see arises from a combination of stiffness through the neck (cervical spine) and upper back (thoracic spine) and sensitive/ busy muscles of the back and neck.  These structures are often compounded by prolonged, irritating and stressful sitting postures – which makes pain a reasonable output for our body.

What Upper Back Pain Physio Tricks Work To Fix Mid Back Pain?!

By the time patients see us, they have generally tried to prod, poke, crack and stretch their upper back pain away.  This generally gives momentary relief, but little long-term improvement.  Our physios will perform a thorough assessment to determine the cause of pain, and direct your treatment to improve the underlying cause.  This often involves some hands-on work to encourage movement in the joints and muscles, exercises to improve movement, and some advice regarding changes to activity (where necessary).

We are here to help all of our local Randwick upper back pain sufferers.  Come and see us at Movement Physio for an assessment and treatment to get on top of your pain.


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