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Saying You Have Sciatica Is Not A Diagnosis

As a sciatica physio using the word sciatica is an umbrella-term that encompasses pain arising from irritation to the Sciatic Nerve, and is often felt in the low back, glutes / buttocks, hamstring and/ or calf.  The term is often loosely applied to any pain that refers into the buttock and down the leg – even though other non- Sciatic nerve structures such as the hip and the facet joints of our back can also contribute and cause these pains.

Assessment Is Key With Sciatica Physio Treatment 

For this reason, it is important for any sciatica physio assessment and diagnosis to understand what structures are involved, and what movements and positions are contributing to the irritation.

For example, Sciatica can arise from neural tension along the length of the nerve; nerve irritation from new or existing disc bulges;  facet joint inflammation where the nerve exits the spine; and sometimes the nerve itself becoming overly sensitised and pain-generating. Successful physio management relies upon correctly identifying the structures involved, and then addressing the movements, positions and contributing factors that may be irritating the nerve.  

A Multifaceted Treatment Approach To Sciatica Physio At The Movement Centre 

That is why your treatment for Sciatica in Randwick at The Movement Centre will often focus on a variety of strategies, often involving neural mobility exercises, stretching around the hip and glute, mobilisation and stretches for the low back, and activity modification.  Our rehabilitation gym is the perfect environment to get started on your treatment for Sciatica physio in Randwick.

We also have an internal goal to always provide the most timely care possible, to avoid our patients having to wait; so we aim to always have same-day availability for all the Eastern Suburbs and Randwick sciatica physio needs.

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