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Nerve Pain

So you’ve googled Nerve pain physio and found yourself here… Movement Physio in Randwick is here to help you. 

As well as being incredibly uncomfortable, nerve pain can be a difficult problem to understand and to get on top of.

What Exactly Is Nerve Pain?

Nerve pain refers to a variety of pain conditions that arise in either the Central or Peripheral Nervous System.

Nerve Pain can arise from direct insult or injury to the nerves. This may be in the form of a ‘burner’ or ‘stinger’ (often from a footy tackle); from a disc bulge or inflammation which directly irritates the nerve; or even from viral infections such as Shingles.  More chronic types of neural pain can arise from changes to the nerve over time. These changes can make the nerve more sensitive to pain, or pain-generating from stimuli that wouldn’t normally be painful. 

Assessment And Treatment Of Neural Symptoms

The initial aim of any nerve pain physio assessment is to get a clear understanding of the exact cause and nature of the problem.  This involves a thorough subjective and physical assessment to determine whether the problem involves central or peripheral nervous systems, and whether there is structural irritation.  Our physios keep up to date with the latest research in assessment and treatment of nerve disorders.  When you see us, you can be confident you are receiving the best nerve pain physio research possible. 

Nerve pain physio treatment usually focuses on education for the patient to help understand the movements, positions and postures that are irritating the nerve, and what can relieve it.  Often the nerve and the effected area will benefit from gentle stretching and mobilising techniques to encourage movement.  Finding the right stretches and movements is important to decrease the nerve’s sensitivity. 

In our practice in Randwick, nerve pain physio treatment can incorporate all the movements and activities that you love.  We have a comprehensive gym – so whether it is gardening, running or squatting and deadlifting  – we can help you.


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