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Osteoarthritis Physio

Arthritis, OA, “wear and tear”.  One of Andrew’s patients used to come in for her knees and ankles saying that “Uncle Arthur” (Arthur-itis) is giving her grief.  Whatever you call it, Arthritis can be seriously annoying and debilitating. It can also be seriously misunderstood, and poorly managed.  As an osteoarthritis physio, one of the primary goals is to help all of our Randwick arthritis physiotherapy patients to understand their condition, and move more freely and with less pain.

What Exactly Is Arthritis?

Arthritis is an umbrella-term that refers to changes in our joints.  The most common type of arthritis is Osteoarthritis (OA) which refers a process involving inflammation in our joint-spaces, thinning of cartilage, and increased bone deposition around the joint.   OA usually impacts joints that are used repetitively, have been injured, or have had too much or too little movement over a long period of time.  Most of the Randwick arthritis physio patients that we see are for fingers, hips, knees, and the joints of the spine.

Movement Is An Important Part Of Osteoarthritis Physio

The key to arthritis physio management is firstly to understand your pain, and to then work with you to modify your activities as necessary, and keep your joints moving, and strong.  Osteoarthritis physio treatment can be really important as it is sometimes hard to know what is helping and what is hurting.  Our physios are experienced and up to date in the latest arthritis physio research.  And we have passion for helping people of all ages as osteoarthritis isn’t just something impacting the retired population. 

Our Physio Facilities And Services Are Set Up To Treat OA

We have a great gym space for all Randwick arthritis physio management, as a large body of research supports exercise as the best medicine for helping manage osteoarthritis, so come and see us to get moving, stretching and strengthening.


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