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Foot And Heel Symptoms

Foot Pain Physio At The Movement Centre

A foot pain Physio will commonly deal with clients complaining of painful heels and feet.  According to a study in “Pain” journal the prevalence of disabling foot conditions is 9.4%, meaning if you do not have foot pain yourself, you more than likely will know someone who does.  Risk factors for foot pain among other things includes underlying medical conditions like diabetes, obesity, increasing age, and high impact exercise. 

Causes Of Foot And Heel Pain

Of the many causes of foot pain, some of the more common causes we see in our Randwick physio practice are:

Managing Heel, Arch and Toe Pains

A foot pain Physio understands the importance of appropriate footwear whatever the activity may be.  Supporting and protecting the foot during exercise and activities of daily living can go a long way in helping both manage and prevent foot and heel pain.  Physiotherapy treatment may include both activity and footwear guidance,  as well as any necessary orthotic prescription to help with load management and biomechanics. At the Movement Centre our physiotherapists have teamed up with an expert level podiatry team so we can better manage our clients foot pain needs. A physio regularly dealing with foot pain is also skilled in exercise prescription, taping techniques, and manual therapy techniques.  Any treatment provided will focus on protecting against further injury, facilitating, and encouraging correct positioning and biomechanics, as well as improving strength and tissue mobility where necessary.  If you do not want to be one of the 9.4%, get your foot pain assessed by one of our physiotherapists sooner rather than later.  Early diagnosis and treatment can significantly reduce the severity and length of any disability suffered. 

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