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Chronic Pain Physio And Pain Management

Chronic and persistent pain is one of the most common conditions we treat here in Randwick at Movement Physio.  It is something we are passionate about getting right. A chronic pain physio understands it can be a tricky issue to live with, difficult to talk about, and challenging to manage and recover from. 

What Is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain generally refers to pain that persists after the normal tissue healing process has occurred.  For most bone and soft-tissue injuries this normal healing period is 6-12 weeks.  Chronic pain is generally lingering pain beyond this point, and can also arise from conditions where there is ongoing irritation and inflammation (like arthritis, and other inflammatory conditions).

There is plenty of conjecture about the exact cause of persistent pain.  Lots of our Movement Physio patients are frustrated that their previous physios and healthcare have said “it’s all in their head”. Or alternatively have assured them that they can fix their long-term pain with one more push, one more stretch, one more session.  Frustratingly, it is often not as simple as either of these approaches.

The best research suggests that chronic pain emerges from a confluence of inputs.   These include biological (injuries, inflammation, hormones etc), psychological (thoughts, beliefs, mental health), and social factors (social activity, support and care networks).  

As A Pain Physiotherapist, Context Is Key!

Context and environment can play a significant role in acute pain becoming persistent pain.  Was the injury scary? Was it traumatic? Is there a family history of bad back pain? Does the pain impact ability to work? We all can acknowledging that pain – at its core – serves as a protective mechanism. So, it is understandable that the concerns listed above can have a role in perpetuating our pain experience.

At Movement Physio we will work with you (and your Specialists and GP) to help you understand and manage your pain, and help to get you back to the activities you love.

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We have a HICAPS terminal for fast on the spot processing of private health insurance claims. Our appointments are not covered by medicare, however if you have a Chronic Disease Management Plan from your doctor then we can process your medicare rebate in the practice following payment of the relevant appointment fee.

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