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Ankle Injuries

Ankle Injury Physio At The Movement Centre

Ankle pain overall is extremely common, and ankle injuries treatment is one of the most common reasons patients come and see one of our physiotherapists at The Movement Centre. A sprained ankle is typically uncomfortable and may cause pain ranging from mild to significant depending on the tissues that have been injured and the severity of damage.

An ankle sprain is an all too frequent occurrence in sports such as soccer, netball, and basketball, however many of our clientele seeking ankle injuries treatment at The Movement Centre have rolled their ankle doing something as simple as missing a step, twisting wearing high heels or simply walking on an uneven footpath.

Although common, there is no such thing as just an ankle sprain. Your “simple” twisted ankle can cause injury and damage to several different structures.Therefore, having your ankle assessed and receiving treatment from an experienced physiotherapist who can diagnose and ensure correct management of the injury will assist you getting back to your best sooner.

Failure to appropriately manage sometimes even just a minor ankle sprain may result in prolonged recovery, ineffective healing, and potentially an increased likelihood of recurrence.

Common Causes Of Ankle Pain

Suffering an ankle sprain is not the only cause of ankle pain that a Randwick physio will help treat in their practice. There are in fact many numbers of conditions that can cause ankle pain requiring physiotherapy treatment.

Common causes of ankle pain can include:

  • Achilles tendinitis and other foot and ankle tendinopathy
  • Achilles tendon rupture
  • Foot and Ankle Fractures
  • Mid foot or Ankle Osteoarthritis
  • Ankle Tenosynovitis
  • When you consider the significant stress exerted on the ankle every day, it comes as no surprise ankle pain is a complaint that Randwick physiotherapists help manage regularly.The foot and ankle must absorb the impact of landing every step you take when walking, and then multiple times your body weight when running and jumping.

    As well as functioning as shock absorbers your foot and ankle have a lead role in propelling your body forwards, backwards, sideways, upwards… when carrying out your daily grind or performing athletic activities.It is no wonder the ankle is a target area for overuse injuries, degenerative conditions and is vulnerable to suffering high force traumatic injuries like ankle sprains and fractures.

    Diagnosis And Ankle Injuries Treatment

    Accurate diagnosis to grasp the underlying cause of your ankle pain requires thorough examination of the foot, ankle, and any other relevant and associated areas.At The Movement Centre our physiotherapists understand that Inevitably almost all ankle complaints are problematic around weight bearing activities therefore failure to assess the dynamic function of the foot and ankle may result in missing the correct diagnosis.

    Our Randwick Physiotherapists are trained to assess and manage ankle injuries and other causes of ankle pain helping ensure all short and long-term ankle injuries treatment goals are achieved as quickly and safely as possible.

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