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Skin And Toenail Podiatry At The Movement Centre

Here at The Movement Centre, we know how important it is to maintain healthy skin and nails of the foot and lower leg. That’s why we provide services for a variety of skin and toenail Podiatry concerns, which include:

  • Ingrown toenails
  • Corns & calluses
  • Cracked heels
  • Tinea
  • Plantar warts
  • Blisters
  • Fungal toenails
  • Black toenails
  • Runners toenails
  • Thickened toenails

Our team of podiatrists are experts in all skin & nail conditions of the foot. We understand that these conditions can be both painful and aesthetically troubling.

Ingrown Toenail

An ingrown toenail occurs when the edge of the toenail grows into the skin, causing pain, swelling and redness. They can occur from picking at your toenails, trauma, tight shoes, not cutting your nails properly, and sometimes you just inherit them.

Here at The Movement Centre, our skin And toenail Podiatry team are experts at the conservative management of ingrown toenails. We will assess the severity, remove the nail spicule with minimal pain and provide education to reduce the likelihood of ingrown toenails returning.

If you are experiencing symptoms of an ingrown toenail, be sure to make an appointment at The Movement Centre for a proper evaluation and long-term treatment plan.

Corns & Calluses

Corns & calluses are thickened plaques of skin often found in areas of constant friction or pressure. These are your body’s way of protecting itself. It builds more skin as a defence mechanism, essentially thickening the area, but unfortunately this often causes pain and disfigurement.

Callous is a uniformly thickened layer of skin that covers an area of your skin exposed to high pressure. For example, your heels, toes or the ball of your foot.
Corns are deeper and contain a very hard nucleus (think of a core or a root). These are often particularly painful as the deep parts of the corn project into your deeper skin layers that contain nerves and blood vessels.

Here at The Movement Centre, our podiatrists are expertly trained in using a precision blade to shave down calluses and accurately remove corns. Both calluses and corns can be removed within the appointment, generally leaving a little bit on to prevent exposing raw skin. Our skin And toenail Podiatry team will also provide education for at-home management and tactics to prevent corns and callus returning in the future.

If you have any painful corns or calluses, be sure to make an appointment at The Movement Centre for a proper evaluation and treatment plan.

Cracked Heels

Cracked heels develop when dry, thickened skin around the heel is left unattended for too long. As this thick, dry skin is exposed to pressure (such as walking) and continues to dry out, it can split, causing deep cracks or fissures to form around the heel. These cracks can become very painful and can bleed, making you much susceptible to infections. Luckily, our podiatrists at The Movement Centre treat cracked heels daily and will fix yours out too.

We implement many strategies to manage your cracked heels in the short term, and reduce the likelihood of them returning in the long term. This may include skilful debridement of the thickened dead skin using a blade, as well as footwear assessment and advice regarding at-home management.

If you are walking around with painful or unsightly cracked heels, don’t wait any longer to book an appointment here at The Movement Centre. Our podiatrists are experts at foot & ankle conditions and would be happy to take you through a treatment plan.


Tinea Pedis (also known as athlete’s foot) is a fungal foot infection that can present as red, scaly, peeling or itchy feet. Anyone can be at risk of getting tinea as the fungus thrives off moist, dark environments such as unwashed socks, community pools and community change rooms. You may also be at risk if you excessively sweat, wear occlusive shoes or have a compromised immune system.

Tinea can be considered a relatively benign infection as it sometimes causes no pain and minimal symptoms. It can, however, contribute to the development of toenail fungus infections, which are notoriously stubborn to treat and particularly unattractive.

Here at The Movement Centre, our podiatrists are expertly trained in dermatological conditions of the foot. We will implement a treatment plan including prescribing anti-fungal medicaments and education regarding at-home management and lifestyle modification. We want you to keep doing the things you love, with the understanding of where your infection may be arising from.

If you have itchy, red feet, make sure you book an appointment at The Movement Centre for a proper evaluation and treatment plan.

Toenail Fungus

Fungal toenails occur when a fungus affects the toenail plate or the skin under the nail (nail bed). It often presents as discoloured, thickened, brittle or flaky nails, which can look unattractive and possibly cause pain or toenail deformity. Toenail fungus can be linked to chronic tinea infections of the foot, nail trauma, poor foot hygiene, cuts in the skin surrounding the toenails and long-term nail polish use.

Here at the Movement Centre, our podiatrists are experts at assessing the conditions of the nail and implementing a management plan. Treatment options may include toenail fungus laser therapy, topical or oral antifungal medication, at-home remedies and hygiene education. The Movement Centre podiatrists have been using toenail fungus laser for over 7 years and have great success with this as a treatment. Please give us advance notice if you are considering toenail fungus laser therapy, or book this treatment through our online booking page.


Blisters on the foot are generally caused by high moisture and friction. This mostly occurs through a combination of increased activity, poorly fitting shoes and sweaty/moist skin. Blisters are painful skin lesions that can stop you in your tracks. Luckily there are plenty of ways to manage them!

At The Movement Centre, we are able to properly assess any foot blisters and implement an appropriate treatment plan. This may include a combination of footwear and sock advice, taping or padding offloading strategies, protective products and education regarding at-home management.

If you’re worried about an irritating foot blister, make sure you book an appointment at The Movement Centre for a proper evaluation and treatment plan.

Black Toenails & Runners Toenails

Black toenails can often be a side effect of many sports, most predominantly being long distance running. It generally occurs through either direct trauma or repetitive trauma, resulting in bruising under the nail – known as a subungual hematoma.

At The Movement Centre, our podiatrists are expertly trained to assess and accurately diagnose any nail condition. We will implement an appropriate treatment plan, which may include footwear-fitting education, offloading strategies, shoelace techniques, intrinsic foot muscle strengthening and in severe cases, nail removal.

If you’re worried about a black nail, make sure you book an appointment at The Movement Centre for a proper evaluation and treatment plan. We are experts at all conditions of the foot & ankle and would love to get you back on your feet pain free!

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