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Flat Feet At The Movement Centre

Flat feet, medically referred to as Pes Planus is a condition that affects a large percentage of the population. Its effect can vary greatly, it can be both completely non symptomatic or an important piece of a puzzle causing pain in the feet and legs or even wider afield than that.

It refers to the feet overpronating or “rolling in” when standing or walking and the subsequent collapse of the natural arch of the foot.

Pes Planus Feet Aren’t Always A Problem

Flat feet are not always a problem and will not necessarily cause you injury, but they can leave you more susceptible to certain conditions.

Pes Planus feet have been shown to increase the likelihood of several conditions including Plantar Fasciitis, Metatarsalagia, medial ankle pain (Tibialis Posterior Tendonitis), shin splints, knee pain, bunions, hip pain, lower back pain and Glute pain to name a few.

Factors That Increase The Risk Of Developing Pes Planus Feet

There are multiple factors which can increase the likelihood of developing Pes Planus feet. These include having hypermobile ligaments in the arch, weak intrinsic foot muscles, poor proprioception and commonly weakness around the glut muscles in the hips.

Pes Planus feet do not always need to be treated, when they are contributing to a problem your Podiatrist will put in place a specific and individualised treatment plan to address the root cause of the problem and get you out of pain and back on your feet as quickly as possible.

The exact approach your sports podiatrist will take depends on the individual circumstances, your podiatrist will take into account the factors that are playing a role in the foot changes and subsequently how these changes are impacting the the individual.

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