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Ball Of Foot Pain

Ball Of Foot Pain At The Movement Centre

Have you ever had pain under the balls of your feet? If you have, then you’d know it’s not exactly a pleasant feeling. Ball of foot pain can range from achy, stabbing and throbbing to burning, tingling and sharp. Sometimes it can be so debilitating that it affects the way we walk! Luckily, there is plenty that your podiatrist can do to ensure you are comfortably back on your feet in no time.

What are the causes?

As the balls of your feet are made up of bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves, there are a range of possible diagnoses for your pain. The medical term for pain in this area is ‘metatarsalgia’ which is not a diagnosis in itself, rather an umbrella term for any and all types of pain in the ball of the foot. While the root cause of this pain is linked to your diagnosis, here are some possible common contributing factors:

  • Excessive intense physical activity
  • Wearing high heels or ill-fitting shoes
  • Arthritis
  • Hammer toes and bunions
  • Having a high arch, short big toe or a second toe longer than the big toe

Some possible diagnoses for ball of foot pain include:

  • Capsulitis – Tnflammation of the joints in the ball of the foot, caused by excess pressure on this
  • Plantar plate sprain / tear – An injury to the ligaments that support the joints of the ball of
    the foot
  • Neuroma – Inflammation and degeneration in the nerves that run through the balls of the feet. This
    often causes shooting, burning, stabbing, numbness or radiating pain
  • Sesamoiditis – Inflammation of the small bones under your big toe joint
  • Callus and corns – A thickening of skin often found under the ball of the foot, caused by excess
    pressure in the area

So what can be done about pain under the pad of the foot?

The most important thing you can do to manage the pain under the balls of your feet is to get the professional opinion of your local podiatrist. They will be able to appropriately assess and diagnose your pain and assure you’re set on a good treatment path. There are also some at home remedies you can try to help you get out of pain!

  • RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) – If your pain has only been present for a couple of days,
    you can try this. Rest and elevate your feet where you can, and utilise ice to decrease your pain and reduce inflammation
  • Wear comfortable, properly fitting shoes
  • Manage your daily activity – don’t push through pain!
  • Pain medication – Panadol and Nurofen can help manage pain in the short term

The take home message is that if your pain is not subsiding with at home treatment, visiting a podiatrist will allow for a speedy diagnosis and recovery. We are experts at managing foot pain of all forms. There is no need to live with the debilitating pain any longer. Call The Movement Centre to book your Randiwck podiatry appointment now.

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