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Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy At The Movement Centre

The Movement Centre considers shockwave therapy an integral part of the services we offer as physiotherapists.  Being able to assist our clients with their rehabilitation through the application of shockwave therapy Randwick means we can better service our patients with those stubborn complaints, achieving success where previous treatment has failed.

What Is Shockwave Treatment?

Shockwave therapy is broken up into two categories, focused shockwave therapy and radial shockwave therapy.  Radial shockwave therapy is the most common form of shockwave treatment used in physiotherapy.  At The Movement Centre we only use radial shockwave therapy, a modality of treatment that harnesses high pressured acoustic shockwaves.  These pressure waves travel through the skin, break down targeted tissue stimulating tissue repair. Essentially shockwave therapy Randwick helps kick starts the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Shockwave Therapy, An Effective Treatment Approach

Shockwave therapy is a heavily researched and proven treatment approach that is effective in treating many chronic musculoskeletal conditions, including but not exclusively:

Shockwave therapy Randwick is frequently effective where previously physiotherapy, or other conservative management has failed to resolve notoriously stubborn pains.  

Results with Shockwave Therapy Randwick

How soon will you see results with shockwave treatment?  Many patients will experience a small pain reduction and greater freedom of movement immediately after treatment.  This positive change is usually temporary, real results are generally seen a few days following the session as the stimulated healing response starts to take effect.  Depending on the severity and duration of symptoms of your condition, the restoration of movement and ultimately pain relief can vary.  The healing process will often take your body weeks to months to carry out, however improved mobility and pain relief will usually precede this.

How Shockwave Therapy Works

Shockwave therapy Randwick is multifactorial in how the therapy achieves its results. From blocking pain, to stimulating cellular production. Some of the way’s shockwave treatment can help you include:

  • Stimulating the “gate-control” mechanism for pain relief
  • Stimulating fibroblast production (soft tissue cells) – assists in healing ligaments, tendons, muscles…
  • Stimulating osteoblast production (bone cells) – assists in healing bone
  • Breaking down calcification deposits
  • Increasing circulation
  • Inhibiting Cox II Enzyme, helping achieve an anti-inflammatory effect


What Does A Shockwave Therapy Session Look Like?

Radial shockwave therapy is a very safe, non-invasive procedure.  Initially your physiotherapist will apply a contact gel to the area, then a handheld probe is applied to the skin over the treatment site.  This probe delivers controlled acoustic waves to the injured area.  For the treatment to be successful some manageable pain is necessary whilst applying the probe, the session is short and typically lasts no longer than five minutes per injured area, and as soon as the treatment is complete there is total cessation of any pain triggered during the treatment. In fact, frequently a period of enhanced pain relief following the sessions is experienced.

How Many Sessions Are Required?

A course of shockwave therapy usually consists of weekly or biweekly sessions.  Over a period of 3-12 weeks totaling 3- 6 sessions.  The more severe, or chronic the condition the more likely additional sessions will be required. Meaning long standing or significant injury will require more sessions and a longer course of treatment.

Research Backed Treatment

Despite being a relatively new therapy in Australia, shockwave therapy has been used in Europe and North America for years.  There is a large body of worldwide research supporting the benefits of shockwave therapy.  Most of this research has been conducted using the DolorClast brand of shockwave therapy machines.  If you are wanting to assure your treatment results align with the research, then having your shockwave therapy Randwick treatment using a DolorClast machine is the way to go.

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