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Elbow Pain

Elbow Pain Physio Treatment At The Movement Centre 

Your elbow joint is the area where the three long bones of your upper limb meet.  As well as the bones of the elbow joint there are a multitude of ligaments, muscles, tendons, nerves, and a joint capsule all passing through or attaching to the area.  Any of these structures can cause pain, movement limitation, loss of strength and functional impairment and may necessitate the services of an elbow pain physio.  Randwick Physio clinics frequently assist patients complaining of elbow pain.  Common conditions requiring an elbow pain physio can result from overuse, such as tendinopathies including tennis and golfers’ elbow or traumatic injuries following accidents or falls including radial neck fractures, ligament and capsular injuries from contact sports.  The elbow is a also common site for referred pain to strike, a situation where pain is experienced in the elbow but is actually originating from areas outside the elbow, such as the neck or shoulder.  Seeing as there are potentially a myriad of causes of elbow pain, an elbow Pain physio needs to be experienced in correctly diagnosing any source of pain so the appropriate treatment can focus on dealing with the right contributing structures.

Common Sources Of Elbow Symptoms Seen In Our Randwick Physio Clinic

Diagnosing Elbow Injuries 

A elbow pain Physio will recognise the common signs and symptoms associated with elbow pain, these will regularly include:

  • Tenderness around the elbow prominence’s
  • A weakened grip with pain and difficulty when trying to grasp objects or shaking hands
  • Pain clenching your fist, or opening and spreading your fingers
  • Pain twisting the arm such as opening a jar or turning a doorknob. 
  • Stiffness in the elbow and difficulty or limitation when straightening the arm
  • Dull ache at rest

Our elbow pain Physio team at The Movement Centre have vast experience dealing with elbow complaints.  As a rule, elbow pain responds favorably to physiotherapy treatment and when intervention is early the best results are achieved.   Frustratingly some elbow conditions can take considerable time to recover, often taking months to heal when the initial signs are neglected and treatment is delayed, or early diagnosis is incorrect.  Accurate diagnosis by an elbow Pain physio is crucial to assist the ideal management of any elbow pain.  Patients receiving early, accurate assessment and treatment typically respond extremely quickly restoring their normal levels of pain and function.

Managing Elbow Injuries At The Movement Centre 

When managing elbow pain, looking at an individual’s hobby, work or sporting technique is frequently required.  Poor technique whatever the activity may in turn place unwanted stress on the elbow, contributing to strain and overuse injuries.  Always try to use appropriate equipment during work or sport as failure to do so can cause pain and tissue overload problems.  If any equipment, or technique “issues” are not remedied, then it is plausible that pain will persist unnecessarily delaying recovery, despite receiving treatment.  Being able to think outside the square is important for any elbow Pain physio.  Having the knowledge and skills to consider ergonomic adjustments to provoking activities, identify the need for conditioning of necessary muscles and contemplating any other areas related either directly or indirectly to the elbow such as the neck and shoulder.  At The Movement Centre we thrive on the challenge of achieving successful treatment of any elbow pain that comes through our doors. 

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