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Medial Elbow Pain A Physiotherapists Bread And Butter

Medial Elbow Pain A Physios Bread And Butter

Diagnosing Golfers Elbow Diagnosis of the condition known as golfer’s elbow is generally a clinical one. Meaning your physiotherapist, doctor or appropriately skilled practitioner following listening to the history and behavior of the complaint and having performed some appropriate physical assessments can confidently confirm the source of the patient’s medial elbow pain. Doing so, without […]

Golfers Elbow, Not As Prevalent As Tennis Elbow

Golfers Elbow, Not As Prevalent As Tennis Elbow

What Is Golfer’s Elbow? Like tennis elbow, golfers elbow is a soft tissue injury of the elbow. Just as tennis elbow isn’t reserved exclusively for tennis players, golfer’s elbow is not prevalent among only golfers. Any recreational, occupational, or sporting activity involving repeated gripping, twisting or lifting may contribute to the development of symptoms. Some […]